To Whom It May Concern,
I am a retired Greensboro Fire Department (GFD) Battalion Chief and the chairman of the Greensboro Firefighter History Book Committee (GFHBC). The GFHBC is a non-profit group currently working on publishing a GFD history book. This history book will help to preserve and share with others the 95-year history of the GFD as a leading fire service organization. I am reaching out to you because the GFHBC would like to provide this history book to over 600 active-duty firefighters and 300 retirees at no cost. To accomplish this, we are seeking donations from Corporate, Business, and Civic Leaders. Our fundraisng goal for 2021-22 is to raise $50,000 to cover the cost of this book as well as covering costs to continue videotaping our retirees for a living history, and to maintain our GFD History website (

Contributions will be recognized in our history book; on our website at; and will go to help purchase audio/visual equipment to record interviews with GFD retirees as they share their career. These interviews are already getting some national attention, and we have completed 44 interviews to date with 135 more scheduled.

We would value your donation and ask that you consider giving to those that have given so much in one of the following donation tiers:

BRONZE for any amount up to $300.00
SILVER for amounts of $300-$500
GOLD for amounts of $500-$1000
PLATINUM for amounts of $1000 and above

Donations should be made payable by check to the Greensboro Firefighters History Book Committee (Federal IRS EIN# is 84-5033627). I ask that you mail checks to the Greensboro Firefighters History Book Committee, C/O Larry Cockman, at 4819 Sidney Lane, McLeansville NC, 27301. If you have any questions, you can contact me by phone at 336-509-6674 or email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Greensboro Firefighters History Book Donors

BRONZE: Any amount up to 300

Justin Price

Clarence Hunter

CJ Woody

Larry Cockman

JW Maness

Donald Whitaker

Local 947 Professional Firefighters of Greensboro

The Hair Shop

Gerald Rummage

Mike Brooks

Garren Foy and Ashley Fyle


SILVER: 300-500

Tim Gibbs

Stan Stafford in Memory of Captain Raymond Cockman

Betty Reddick in Memory of Driver/Engineer Raymond Reddick

Paul Greer US Navy


GOLD: 500-1000

Downtown Greensboro - Zack Matheny

Everlasting Monuments - Mark Kessinger

In Honor of Ramziddin El-Amin from his family 


PLATINUM: 1000 and above...

Samet Corporation in honor of Fire Chief Ray K Flowers