Last Alarm


Being A Firefighter is more than red lights and sirens. It has been said that firefighting is a calling. I think it is more like a gift. A gift God gives us to make a difference in the lives of our brother/sister firefighters and the citizens we serve. It is being gifted by God with a big heart and a burning desire to help others whether it be our coworkers, neighbors or a total stranger. Changing the outcome of a persons life in an emergency or non emergency situation is the best feeling one could have. Firefighters are always putting others before themselves. Many other first responders and health care workers do as well.. I just think God gives us the gift of giving, sadly sometimes it is our lives. As we look as these photos of our fallen brothers, pause a few seconds and think about the many gifts they were given and how they shared them with us in the short period they were with us.  by Larry Cockman

Thank you for sharing your gifts, Ray, Jesse, Raymond  Jackie.