History of the GFD Bike / Trail Response Team

As the Greensboro Parks and Recreation Department continued to construct and develop trails alongside the lakes and elsewhere within the city, it became clear that emergencies occurring on these trails would become a response issue for the Greensboro Fire Department. Beginning in 2007 a plan was developed to install trail markers along the various trails to assist trail users and emergency responders alike. Numbered signs, or “trail markers”, were installed approximately every quarter mile, and recorded so that patients could be located quickly should they call 911 in need of help while hiking or biking.

To further speed up trail responses, Station 41on Lake Brandt Road became the trail response team. At first using second-hand bicycles passed down from the Greensboro Police Department, fire fighters there trained with bikes on the trails to quickly reach those in need. A John Deere Gator was also housed at the station to assist with reaching patients and removing them from the trails.

New bikes and medical equipment were purchased over the years while continuous training enabled this Special Operations team to expand and assist with medical calls at large festivals and gatherings within the city, such as downtown events and sports gatherings where initial access may be difficult for Fire companies and EMS. A large Polaris all-terrain vehicle and accompanying enclosed trailer were purchased to replace the Gator, further giving the team options on reaching patients on the trails and removing them for additional medical evaluation.

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E41 A shift Bike Team

Captain Michael Karl

Engineer JW Lopossay

Sr. FF Terry Johnson

Sr. FF Keri Wells