The Greensboro Fire Fighters Club is made up of current and retired fire fighters that meet once a month for an outstanding steak dinner served with baked potato and salad. These monthly dinner meetings are held at the club house located at 515 Air Harbor Road. This meeting facility has a great meeting space with a full kitchen, picnic shelter, and large outdoor grill. Set on a secluded and wooded lot, the club house is open for personal rentals free of charge to active club members. Non-members and civilians can also rent the space for a standard fee.


The original club house for the Greensboro Fireman’s Club was located near the area adjacent to the Lewis Recreation Center. Dating to the 1920’s it was used for recreational activities, dinners, and special events. This club’s entrance was off of Pisgah Church Road and was quite a distance off the road. It, too, had a kitchen with a small meeting space, but was torn down to facilitate the formation of Jaycee Park.


During the 1977 session of the North Carolina General Assembly the legislature approved an act authorizing the City to lease the ten acres to the non-profit organization that was then called the Greensboro “Fireman’s” Club. Now the Fire Fighters’ Club, the current clubhouse was built on this lot in the mid 1980’and has been a permanent fixture since that time.