History of IAFF Local in Greensboro

Fire fighters of the Greensboro Fire Department first organized and applied to the International Association of Fire Fighters (IAFF) in October 1947. Representing nearly 100% of the fire fighters in the mid 1950’s, Local 947 worked diligently with the department administration and city officials to implement the 72-hour work week, an action that truly boosted fire fighter morale.


Greensboro Local 947 and others across the state were disbanded in 1959 due to a North Carolina General Statute outlawing public safety employees from organizing and belonging to a union. After ten long years, the statute was ruled unconstitutional in 1969 and North Carolina firefighters could once again form employee associations and be afforded union representation. The decisions at that time still prohibited local unions from doing business and forming contracts with municipalities and state government, a ruling which is still in place today. In March of 1969 Local 947 was reinstated into the IAFF with over 200 charter members at 90% of the department.

In November of 1981 Local 947 was dissolved and the charter was forfeited for non-payment of per capita taxes. Greensboro’s charter and seal were then returned to the IAFF and the Union ceased to exist.


Interest in organizing a new association grew and the Greensboro fire fighters organized once again and rejoined the IAFF in June 1988. Designated and assigned as Local 3157, the officers and members of the new Greensboro Local soon requested that the number 947 be reinstated. In October 1988 the IAFF approved the request and Greensboro’s Local was restored to its original: 947.


Continuing to grow through the years and renaming itself the Professional Fire Fighters of Greensboro (PFFG) in 1999, Local 947 has become a strong part of the Professional Fire Fighters and Paramedics of North Carolina as well as the IAFF’s 12th District. Local 947 now has over 560 current and retired fire fighters within its membership. Admired by the IAFF leadership, Local 947 is a strong local that has created its own charitable organization and maintains great working relationships with city councilmembers and administration while continuously working for the betterment of its members and their fire fighter families